With her positive attitude Fanchon Woodward –aka Fanchon Stylezz–keeps surprising us with more good news! She has turned the negative things in her life into strengths; her emotional story recently won the Macy’s Go Red Makeover in recognition of her efforts to raise awareness of heart disease in her community.

Fanchon’s cheerful spirit, strong determination and positive drive make her stand out in any crowd. She is a real hero of our times, and has devoted  her talent to change the world.

After overcoming homelessness with the help of CHI, in 2007 she suffered a heart attack weeks after giving birth to her third child. She survived and went through everything with her head high. She found the time to write her first novel, “Heart of Kings”, published in 2014.  The novel tells a powerful drama loosely based on her life.

Since then, Ms. Woodward has dedicated herself to educating other people about heart disease and health care to prevent them from experiencing what she went through.

“I have realized that we as people don’t really take care of ourselves the way we are supposed to,” says Fanchon. “We think that home remedies can work, so I tell my story to let people know that it is important to go to the doctor. I thought I was healthy until I had a heart attack, and it was the way I was eating that caused me to have it. Now I don’t eat red meat or pork; I’m almost a good eater and encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

For Fanchon, the real reward is helping others every day. She donated the Go Red for Women award after receiving it. “Just to be there and to and to be able to share my story meant more than any gift that I could have received”.

(See the video of Fanchon receiving the Go Red for Women award here)

Now her life is going back to normal but she still has new dreams to fulfill and cards up her sleeve. She is currently working on the sequel of her book.

“This one will be called Taliyah’s Sweet Revenge, and is based on the main character of my first book, ‘Heart of Kings.’ Taliyah will come back to seek vengeance from all those who hurt her and try to live a normal life.”

In the meantime, Fanchon Stylezz is enjoying the positive feedback she has received regarding her first novel, which she hopes to turn into a movie in the near future.

“I’ll keep working on that and also working with charities donating whatever I can to help not just my community but the universe.”

If you would like to know more about her story and her book, go to www.fanchonstylezz.com